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Here at BoDo Chiropractic of Boise, Idaho, we use our experience to relieve back pain and other ailments in our practice which focuses on pediatric chiropractic and pregnancy chiropractic care. More globally, Dr. Dorn and Dr. Blevins created BoDo Chiropractic to help practice members achieve optimum levels of physical and emotional health through their knowledge as one of Boise’s top pediatric chiropractors.

Dr. Dorn and Dr. Blevins utilize their skills and practices and are known as Boise’s best Pregnancy Chiropractors. You may call to RSVP a seat in BoDo Chiropractics upcoming “Health Talk”, spaces are limited, so please call +1 (208) 342-7136 to save your spot today. BoDo Chiropractic is centrally located in Boise’s Downtown above the Solid Grill.

To find information about first time visits please visit our  new patient section or contact us for more information.

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Here at BoDo Chiropractic we understand the power of touch is immense; it’s the first sensation we acquire as an infant. At BoDo Chiropractic our focus is on regaining the organic fluency in your first language, in this fast paced world where we often get disconnected from our bodies and ourselves.