Prenatal & Postnatal Care

Are you looking for supportive, natural care that trusts your body during pregnancy and childbirth? Do you want to have a comfortable, safe birth, free of unnecessary medical interventions? Prenatal chiropractic care may help with:

Maintaining a healthier, more comfortable pregnancy
Helping to control symptoms of nausea
Reducing the time of labor and delivery
Relieving back, neck, hip and joint pain
Preventing a potential cesarean section

Many women seek chiropractic care during pregnancy to reduce neck and back pain that can inevitably occur during pregnancy, as well as to improve the alignment of the spine and pelvis to allow for optimal positioning during birth. Regular chiropractic care during pregnancy can provide a more comfortable delivery for both the mother and baby by stimulating the nervous system to enable proper functioning of the reproductive organs, and in doing so, enhancing your body’s ability to meet the elevated demands that occur throughout pregnancy and delivery.

In addition to providing prenatal and postnatal chiropractic care, our chiropractors also offer a variety of related specialties including Doula services and the administration of the Webster Technique. As a Certified Doula, Dr. Dorn offers her services before, during and after pregnancy to direct expecting mothers towards a shorter labor with fewer complications. While also being certified in the Webster Technique, Dr. Dorn provides a specific method of chiropractic care intended to reduce interference of the nervous system to provide balance and alignment of the pelvis, as well as its associated muscles and ligaments. The Webster Technique is successful in preventing and even alleviating breech positioning during pregnancy.

Boise Prenatal & Postnatal Chiropractor