Updated: Mar 26

The entire BoDo Chiropractic family will be leaving Boise and taking off for Central America on October 19th to work in deeply impoverished communities throughout rural Nicaragua. Though their trip will take them all the way from Liberia, Costa Rica and finally across the border into Nicaragua, the group will finally land in a small community called Las Salinas near Popoyo Beach. While the scenic ocean views and world class surfing draw many people to the area, the locals live a life of extreme poverty with very few work, education or healthcare opportunities. Other than a handful of midwives in the area, expecting mothers typically experience pregnancy with little to no healthcare whatsoever. Even those who are lucky enough to afford vehicles are forced to travel three to four hours before reaching a hospital that may or may not be able to admit them.

The Aprender Fundacion, a local non-profit dedicated to providing improved education, healthcare and women empowerment opportunities, will be hosting the group, and has been reaching out to midwives and birth workers around the area to spread the word of their arrival. In a community where access to health care sometimes includes traveling for hours on end, sometimes even days at a time, networking has been key to making this trip a success. Patients will be coming from all over the countryside, and the doctors will be providing care to all of those who seek it. For more information on the Aprender Fundacion and their mission, click here.




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