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Cyndi is an Idaho native and has been in Boise for over 30 years.  She began working as a Mindfulness Instructor and Reiki and Sound Healing practitioner in 2016, after transitioning from a career in Speech-Language Pathology.  Cyndi has experienced the power of integrative medicine and therapies as a practitioner and personally, as a client.  She has a way of working with individuals that is deeply peaceful, grounding, and welcoming.  Through the use of gentle prompts, lightly guided visualizations, and a variety of sound modalities, she invites each person to find and listen deeply to their own inner knowing and to work together to create a space of deep healing in every session, allowing a unique healing experience to unfold.


Reiki, Sound Healing, Mindfulness, Trauma, Nervous System Grounding and Regulation


MS in Speech-Language Pathology, Idaho State University, Pocatello, Idaho


Certified Mindfulness Instructor, Mindful Schools


Reiki Master, TanRan Lineage


* Currently enrolled in the Sacred Sound Healer Certification Program, Shift Network

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