Pregnancy is a sacred time where your body transforms as your baby grows and develops. Pregnancy Chiropractic is an effective treatment plan that cares for the body's changes week by week, trimester by trimester.  BoDo Chiropractic looks to facilitate normal neurobiochemical function. Everything in your body from the uterus and cervix, to the muscles and heart, is interconnected by nerves. Research has proven that maintaining a healthy spine not only provides pain relief and a faster delivery for you, but also helps your baby develop to his or her maximum potential.

Benefits of regular chiropractic care during your pregnancy include:

An easier delivery as a result of pelvis preparation and muscle, ligament, and pelvic bone balance


Uterus pain relief via the alleviation of tendon tension


A better birth with a decreased chance of interventions


Optimal nervous system performance

we have served expecting mommas  facing many challenges, such as:

Low back pain

Pubic/pelvic pain

Round ligament pain


Hip pain


Tailbone pain Pubic/Pelvic pain


Rib pain


Piriformis syndrome 

Morning Sickness


Gestational Diabetes







Hormonal imbalance


Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction 

Breech or transverse position


Birth trauma


Cesarean section preparation and healing




Scheduled inductions 

Miscarriage & loss


IVF/IUI Surrogate mothers


Homebirth Support


Birth center support



Dr. Jen, Dr. Kyle and Dr. Rae all specialize in the Webster Technique.

This technique is a gentle way to allow babies to naturally move into the correct birthing position by realigning the sacrum. Realignment often relieves the pull that creates the tension in the uterus, creating the necessary space for your baby to flip. Additionally, when you are free of pelvic and sacral subluxations, your nervous system function may be significantly enhanced and the birth canal’s diameter may be maximized, decreasing your chances of difficult labor and additional complications during delivery.  This technique involves no external forces on the baby directly, and it is extremely safe and comfortable. Whether you are trying to get pregnant, have just begun your pregnancy journey, or are in the last few weeks of your pregnancy, we would love to help you welcome the newest member of your family into the world.  

postnatal care

Often called the 4th trimester, the transitional postnatal period is a sacred time, filled with joy and love, overwhelmedness and exhaustion. As your body slowly heals from the demanding process of birthing your new child, there are numerous more demands placed on you, including nursing. We reconnect Moms after birth for optimal neuro–spinal connection, allowing the body to heal efficiently.  We always encourage the whole family to get adjusted during this period to both adapt and de-stress. 

we support new families by providing:

Assistance with Nursing posture to alleviate discomfort in upper back and neck


Easeful Breastfeeding techniques


More mobility by reconnecting the body after birthing 

Improved mindset via deep breathing and stress relief


Support with the body’s biomechanical changes


Increased neural communication 

An easier healing process


Healing from Diastasis Recti


Postpartum strengthening