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Dr. Kyle, Blue shirt, brown hair, smiling, Chiropractor, BoDo Chiro


At a young age, Kyle was diagnosed with asthma and severe allergies, and it was rare to see him without his emergency inhaler. After seeing a chiropractor regularly for his various athletic injuries and management of his asthma, Kyle began to notice that he was relying on his inhaler less and less. He no longer had to rely on steroids and inhalers to be able to breathe normally as you or I would. This was an experience he wanted to share with everyone, and to this day Dr. Kyle serves each of his patients with the same dedication, skill and open heart. 


Webster Technique, Pediatrics, Prenatal and Postnatal, Sports Medicine, Personal Injury


​Chiropractic Doctorate, Life Chiropractic College West, Hayward, California

what our patients are saying

“The BEST Chiropractor office in Idaho! I have been to many, and this one is the best. Staff is super nice and professional and Dr. Kyle knows what he is doing. There isn't a time where I walk in there injured or in pain, and not get instant relief and the best part is he takes the time to tell me how to prevent injuries in the future by teaching me specific stretches. They are not the kind that keep you coming over and over. They get it done and move on! LOVE BODO Chiropractic!!”

“BoDo is my most wholesome form of self care! I leave every time feeling SO mentally and physically refreshed. Dr. Kyle is so intentional and thoughtful to do things in ways that work with my body. I always leave with all of my emotional and physical needs met. The environment is warm, friendly, and open. I couldn’t think of any place better to go for a chiropractor.”

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